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(Did you mean a Portland convention or a Chris Priest fanzine?)

Con is short for "convention", which see for details. Herein it means science fiction convention, a gathering of fans and pros from near or distant points. They’re usually held in a hotel, frequently for more than a single day and often discussing sf, where they have programs.

The significance of the various name styles listed below no longer applies — large or small, they’re all “conventions” now.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Comingtogether of fans from various localities, usually at a call issued by some organization or local group. And the designation is used as a combining word to make up some distinctive name for the brawl -- either "con" itself or its completions, -vention, -ference, -clave, or -fabulation. These words are not equivalent, for convention usually refers to the principal annual gathering; other formal get-togethers are conferences or conclaves. A confabulation is an informal meeting larger than a mere fan visit but not built up or conducted like a conference; the word is pretty near obsolete, tho popular in the early 40s.

The most important thing about a con is that the slans can get together with their own kind of people, perhaps forgetting their introversion for a while, and do what they want to do and fangab about mutually interesting things and develop their stfnic personalities.

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