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Syncon '83, the Australian Natcon was held 10-13 June 1983 at the Shore Inn in Sydney, NSW. Theme: Science Fiction and Society Guests of Honour: Harlan Ellison, Van Ikin

There are some photos from Syncon '83 in the February 2000 issue of eFNAC, and some more in the August 2001 issue. There are a couple of con reports in issue 26 of Thyme.

Jerry Kaufman as DUFF winner attended the convention. During the convention, he and Clifford R. Wind created a Seattle in '85 Australian Natcon hoax bid. Unfortunately, the business meeting thought it was pretty funny and awarded them the Natcon by a vote of 21 to 18, defeating Adelaide in '85. Quick negotiations worked out a deal where the "official" Natcon would be held in Seattle, but there'd be a convention in Adelaide hosting the Natcon Business Meeting and running the Ditmar Awards.

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