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A series of conventions in Sydney, NSW from 1970 to 1992.

Convention Date Location GoHs
Syncon '70 Jan 1-3, 1970 Epping Girl Guides Hall Ron E. Graham
Syncon 2 (Syncon '72) Aug 11-13, 1972 Squire Motor Inn, Bondi Junction Lesleigh Luttrell
Syncon '75 Jan 24-27, 1975 Dunmore Lang College, Macquarie University (none)
Syncon '78 Aug 25-27, 1978 Robin Johnson
Syncon '79 Aug 1979 New Crest Hotel, King's Cross Gordon R. Dickson, Ken Fletcher, Linda Lounsbury, Kouichi Yamamoto
Syncon '82 Aug 13-15, 1982 New Crest Hotel
Syncon '83 June 10-13, 1983 Shore Inn, Artamon Harlan Ellison, Van Ikin
Syncon '86 June 6-9, 1986 Metropole Convention Centre
Conviction (Syncon '88) June 10-13, 1988 Shore Motor Inn, Artamon Spider Robinson, Jeanne Robinson, and (fan) Carey Handfield
Syncon '90 July 6-8, 1990 University of Western Sydney - Hawkesbury Ron and Sue Clarke
Syncon '92 Apr 17-20, 1992 Shore Motor Inn, Artamon Michael Whelan, Nick Stathopoulos, Sean McMullen

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