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Awarded September 3, 1967 by NYcon 3.

NYcon 3's categories were a major revision of the Hugo categories with half of them different from the relatively stable set used from Pittcon through Tricon. The major change was that Best Short Fiction was broken into Best Short Story and Best Novelette categories. and the Best Fan Writer and Best Fan Artist categories were created. Note that these innovations have lasted for nearly fifty years, now.

One oddity which did not last was an attempt to make the Hugo Award a professional-only award, and split off the two newly-created fan awards plus Best Fanzine into a separate category, the Pong Award, named after Bob Tucker's pseudonym Hoy Ping Pong. It wasn't that people objected to the association with Tucker, but to the separation of fan and pro and to the name Pong for the award. Fannish objections caused the committee to drop the idea, but not before the nomination ballot went out with the new name. By the time of the final ballot, the name had reverted to Hugo Awards.

Nycon 3 did not release standings after first place.

Note: Jack Gaughan winning both Best Fan Artist and Best Professional Artist (legitimately -- he did both fan and pro art) caused the Gaughan Amendment to be added to the WSFS Constitution, prohibiting an artists from being nominated in both categories in the same year.

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