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Awarded September 3, 1968 by Baycon.

Baycon's categories were the same as Nycon 3's with the addition of the Best Novella category and continue a long period of relative stable Hugo categories.

This appears to be one of the first (if not the first) Worldcon to use a preferential ballot in Hugo voting. Baycon seems to have had a very schizophrenic attitude towards releasing the order of finish in the various categories. The always listed the second place finisher, but only sometimes did they list third place, and they did not rank anything that finished lower than third place.

A Special Committee Award was given to Harlan Ellison for Dangerous Visions and to Gene Roddenberry for Star Trek.

The Baycon Hugo Report(let)[edit]

On the Hugos we received a total of 245 nominating ballots by deadline. Some random samples of total nominations received: LORD OF LIGHT (34); 'City on the Edge of For­ ever”' (33); BUTTERFLY KID (11); "Aye and Gomorrah" (21). Any nominee receiving less than 10 votes was automatically out of the running. 482 final ballots were received by deadline. As per the rules these ballots were counted by the "Australian" system (which is a pain, believe me, and doesn’t really prove anything). Only the three of us at any time ever saw the final ballots. A count was made each Sunday of the week’s receipt of ballots and a cumulative count was kept until the deadline. The Sunday following the deadline the final count was made with all ballots recounted and the figures checked off against the running total. 

At this time a total or four ballots were taken in all but the short story and fan writer categories (only two ballots were needed in those categories). The total time taken in the final-counting was something like six hours, three times as long as it would’ve taken counting the old way. Stark read off the ballots and Donaho and I kept separate tallies, checking off against each other before a final determination was made.

Final ballot results: Novel - LORD OF LIGHT (200), EINSTEIN INTERSECTION (169); Novella "Riders of the Purple Wage" (213), "Weyr Search" (213); Novelet - "Gonna Roll the Bones" (246), "Wizard’s World" (173); Short story: "I Have Ho Mouth..." (251), "Jigsaw Han" (176); Best dramatic - "City on .the Edge of Forever" (201), "The Trouble with Tribbles" (190); Best pro mag - IF (222), Analog (215); Best pro artist - Jack Gaughan (203), Keely Freas (191); Best fanzine - Amra (169), ASFR (142); Best fan writer - Ted White (100), Harry Warner (86); Best fan artist - George Barr (167), Bjo Trimble (159).

Oh, yes. The runner-up in the novella category was "Damnation Alley" with 133 votes.

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