Year of the Jackpot

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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Heinlein:White) After a surprising lack of fan deaths during our previous thirty-odd years of mutual awareness, between January 1958 and January 1959 Henry Kuttner, Cy Kornbluth, Vernon McCain, F. Towner Laney, and E. Everett Evans -- veteran fans all, and the two former famous pro authors -- died of various natural causes, and Kent Moomaw and Bill Courval, promising younger fans, committed suicide. Since fannish newszines were widely circulated at this time, practically all the active fans got the news as a simultaneous shock; distress and gloomy comment was general.

"The Year of the Jackpot" reference was to the Heinlein story of that name (Galaxy, March 1952). Unfortunately, we don’t know which White Dick Eney is referencing as having bestowed the name on the sad year. (Candidates include James, Ted, Tom, Tony and others.)

As if the too many deaths were not bad enough, WSFS, Inc. was incorporated and Forry Ackerman publicized the term Sci-Fi in 1958. A very bad year!

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