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A very early fanzine (starting in 1932; early issues are monthly), edited by Allen Glasser, with Mort Weisinger as Associate Editor, Julius Schwartz as Managing Editor and Forrest J Ackerman as Contributing Editor. Considered by some to be the first actual science-fiction fanzine, as it billed itself as “Science fiction’s only fan magazine.” However, Forry Ackerman claimed to have pubbed The Meteor earlier, and The Scienceersclubzine, The Planet, also edited by Glasser, came out in 1930. It may, however, be the earliest fanzine that wasn’t a clubzine. See What Was the First Fanzine?

8.5x11", appears to be letterpress (but might be mimeo). The fifth issue, dated June 1932, is 13 pages (the 14th page is blank).

(Editorial aside: the copy of issue 5 which I have examined, which belonged to Aubrey MacDermott, has a promotional sheet, printed on cardstock, for True Story Magazine -- the recto is the full-color cover of the February 1932 issue, the verso the words "Out Now! The new True Story 25c" printed in blue. The magazine shows creases from having been folded in thirds for mailing and the staples have been replaced, so this may not be a standard feature of the magazine. Anyone have another copy to compare?)

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1932
2 February 1932 6
5 June 1932 14

The Time Traveller online at

Publication 1932
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