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The clubzine of The Scienceers, the first true sf club. Many fanhistorians argue that The Planet was the first actual fanzine. (See What Was the First Fanzine?) There were six issues.

Allen Glasser, its editor, later wrote: "Editor and creator of The Planet was myself, Allen Glasser. I also cut all stencils needed for each issue of four or five pages. Mimeographing was done by Philip Rosenblatt, who never received full credit for making the paper's publication possible. Most of our members contributed items to The Planet, including reviews of professional science-fantasy magazines which then numbered only four."

Issue Date Pages
1 July 1930
2 August 1930
3 September 1930
4 October 1930
5 November 1930
6 December 1930

The Planet online at

Publication 1930
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