The Best of Fandom 1957

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The Best of Fandom 1957 was a fanthology published by Guy Terwilleger through Twig Publications. It may have been the first fanthology published. It was published in an edition of a hundred 100-page copies. It was compiled by asking individual fanzines editors for the best material that appeared in their fanzine in 1957.

Author Title Source
Robert Bloch Introduction
John Berry "Oil Get By" Void #10
Robert Coulson "A Slight Defense of Hollywood" Quirk #1
Herbert Beach (J. Tryon Geshu) "Flying Saucer Report" Zodiac #4
Tom Reamy "To Hell on a Rollercoaster" Crifanac #5
Jean Young, Bill Rotsler, Jack Harness "ZIUQ" Keebird
Bob Shaw "A Chance of a Ghost" Retribution #7
Roy Cadwell "Why an IGY" Amateur's Correspondent October 1957
Peter Walsh "Rag Doll" Sigma Octanis #7
Dave Foley, Ron Smith Two Selections from Resounding Science Fiction Inside Science Fiction #52
Dave Jenrette "Beyond Saturn" Ploy #9
Thomas Stratton "The Great Curucu" Yandro #51
Kenneth Beale, David MacDonald "The Tragedy of Sam Moskowitz" Metrofan #6
Robert Williams "Cat" Sata Illustrated #7
John Quagliano "So You Want to Be a Pseudo" Quagmire #1
Carl Brandon "My Fair Femmefan" A Bas #10
Harry L. Golden "How to Solved the Segregation Problem" JD #24
Brian W. Aldiss "Oh to Be in England After the London Con" Sphere Sep-Oct 1957
Dean A. Grennell "The Murky Way" Aberration #2
Mal Ashworth "Abacchus" Triode #11
Marion Zimmer Bradley "Way Out West in Texas" Innuendo #5
John Berry "Shill Shock" Camber #7
Alan Dodd "Dodd-Ments" Twig #3
Len Moffatt "I Don't Really Believe It" Shangri-La
Robert Bloch "The Lomokone Papers" Sigbo #3
Bob Shaw "Rush Report re Portrush" Hyphen #8
Walt Willis "The Harp That Once or Twice" Oopsla

Publication 1957
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