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(May 12, 1928 – February 19, 1999)

Robert Stratton "Buck" Coulson, aka Rob Coulson, was a fanzine and con fan from Hartford City, Indiana. Buck once reported that he was bitten by the SF bug at the age of 20, and shortly thereafter discovered fandom.

He was married to fellow fan Juanita Wellons Coulson [born 1933] and had one son, Bruce Coulson. In mundane life, he was a technical writer.

The Coulsons were Fan GoHs at L.A.Con, the 1972 Worldcon.

This husband-and-wife team, who married in 1954 after meeting at a club meeting, for years were editors/publishers of the fanzine Yandro. Yandro, originally EISFA, grew out of the clubzine of a college group, the Eastern Indiana Science Fiction Association. Juanita Wellons and Beverly J. Amers were editors of EISFA. Yandro won the Hugo Award in 1965, and was nominated for the award for ten consecutive years (1959–68). The Coulsons were generous with spec copies, and many neofen received Yandro as their first zine.

Buck was noted for his acerbic writing style, particularly in fanzine reviews, presaging the ktf style.

The Coulsons were the beneficiaries of the Coulsons to Newcastle fanfund to send them to the Seacon '79 Worldcon.

Buck Coulson and fellow SF fan Gene DeWeese collaborated on several books, including the "Joe Karns" spoofs of SF and SF cons (Now You See It/Him/Them... and Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats). At one time he was secretary of the Science Fiction Writers of America.

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