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(January 31, 1934 – March 9, 2012)

Thomas Eugene DeWeese, a Wisconsin fan and pro, was a member of the Eastern Indiana Science Fiction Association and the Midwest Nomads. He tried to attend Midwestcon 4 in 1953 with his friends Bev Clark and Buck Coulson, but left when she wasn’t permitted in due to Beatley's Hotel’s racist Jim Crow policy.

His writing included faan fiction, notably the novels Now You See It/Him/Them... and Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats written with Buck Coulson.

His professional career began with a Man from U.N.C.L.E. book written with Coulson under the pseudonym Thomas Stratton, which they had previously used for fanwriting. DeWeese wrote over 40 books, including science fiction, mystery, horror, gothic and romance novels, and nonfiction books on computers and doll making.

He was married to Beverly DeWeese for 57 years. He died at home from Lewy body dementia. His papers from 1967–2002 are at the library of the University of Southern Mississippi.

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