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Boston-area actifan Mark Olson (mlo) has had a multifaceted fannish career as a convention and club fan, smof and more. On the FIAWOL to FIJAGDH scale, he is about 75% FIJAGDH and 25% FIAWOL.

Among his many contributions to fandom, he oversees Fancyclopedia 3. Mark takes a sercon interest in both science fiction and fanhistory. His fannish writing is nearly entirely in APAs, with his apazine, The Typo Machein being up to #424. APAs contributed to include APA-Bingy (OE), APA-NESFA, APA-2001, The Secret Garden, APA-WSFS (OE), APA-98, APA-89, APA-MCFI, and POOF.

He has served on numerous concoms, including many Boskones, Worldcons and Smofcons, as well as Ditto 11 in 1998 and World Fantasy Con in 1999. He was conchair for Smofcon 3 (1986), Boskone 23 (1986) and the 47th Worldcon Noreascon 3 (1989). He has been an active contributor to the Smofs List.

He was a member of the Terminal Beach Club and for many years of NESFA and MCFI and is a member of FANAC. He has been president and treasurer of both NESFA and MCFI, and was named a Fellow of NESFA in 1985. He has been on and off a member of the MPC. He was a member of the Hyborian Legion towards the end of its existence.

He worked on the NESFA Index and reorganized and managed NESFA Press in the 90s and 2000s. He also edited a number of books for NESFA Press and began its NESFA's Choice series of classic reprints. He also reviewed books for Aboriginal SF. He has been a contributing photographer to the Worldcon Fan Gallery and is a member of WHO.

He was the first person to pre-support the Australia in 2010 bid. (Even before they knew they were bidding.) See How to Start a Worldcon Bid in 24 Hours or Less.

His wife Priscilla is also an active SF fan. They met at a meeting of the Terminal Beach Club.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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