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Mersey and Deeside Productions was an amateur movie-making group in Liverpool, England, active in the ’50s. Eddie Jones was art director. Other members of the Liverpool Group involved included John Owen, John Roles, Norman Shorrock, and Norm Weedal.

In Waldo 1, Eric Bentcliffe described a visit to

the MaD Lot at Sound City, Bebington, where executive producer Gregg P. Shorrock showed me around. On the floor of the cavernous Sound Stage Three I saw a new epic (Kodachrome, MicroScope, Unidirectional Sound) nearing completion. It is hoped that this' Masterpiece, tentatively titled 'FANZAPOPPIN', will be available for Worldcon showing. Future MaD ventures include: ’Rabble Without A Cause’, described as a 'fan saga'; ' The Norman Wahsborough Story' with Wiltshire and Limehouse locations; ‘I Walked With Ghod’, to be filmed entirely in Belfast under Watch Committee supervision; ‘Beloved Is Our Destiny', a screen version of the Harrison biography; and ’Pop’, starring Ina Shorrock, which will be 'a story of the joys and heartbreaks of the bubble-dance business.’

Some of their productions:

See Movies and Tapera for more.

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