The March of Slime

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Art by ATom from Triode 4.

The March of Slime” was a half-hour-long taped faan fiction play (or, tapera) first presented in 1955 at Cytricon I by the Liverpool Group’s MaD Productions. It’s notable as introducing fandom to that essential libation, Blog, its fictional sponsor.

BLOG's the stuff for work - BLOG's the stuff for play,
BLOG's the stuff, when you feel rough, to drive your blues away, 
You should take your BLOG several times a day,
Just get wise....stop your sighs.....Get your BLOG today.

The authors were Norman Shorrock, Dave Newman, Stan Nuttall, Don MacKay and John Owen. The cast were Shorrock, Newman, Nuttall, Owen, Ina Shorrock, Pat Doolan, Frank Milnes, John Roles and Renee MacKay.

A copy of the script appears in Triode 4 (1955).

Show 1955
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