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(Did you mean the Long Island Science Fiction Society?)

Formerly the Liverpool Science Fiction Society (LāSFāS), the Liverpool Group (LiG) was a semi-stf club in England. Fl. 1951-63.

Prominent members included Norman and Ina Shorrock, John Roles, Eddie Jones, Bill Harry, Ramsey Campbell, Stan and Marge Nuttall, and Norman Weedall.

It published the clubzines Bastion and Space Diversions and its MaD Productions produced the taperas The March of Slime (coining blog), Last and First Fen and others. The club motto was, “Thought, Time & Space.”

Eric Bentcliffe wrote a tribute to the club in Waldo 1 (1959), noting:

Towards the end of 1951 a Liverpool fan by the name of Jeff Espley had the idea of asking the Milcross Book Service (which at that time was being run by old time fen Frank Milnes and Les Johnstone) for the addresses of other s-f readers in the city. On Monday the 12th of November, 1951, LaSFaS held its first meeting. Present were John Roles, Norman Shorrock, Lew Conway, Trevor Donnan, and probably Frank Milnes, Les Johnstone, and Norman Weedall. Other early members were Jim Nooney, Tom Owens, Stan Nuttall, and Dave Gardner. Plus Ina Shorrock, Norman's wife.

Bentcliffe included mini-profiles of the 1959 members (Norman Shorrock, Ina Shorrock, Eddie Jones, H. Stanley Nuttall, John Owen, John Roles, Norman Weedall, Frank Milnes, Pat Milnes, Pete Daniels, Jeff Collins and Nancy Pooley).

The club met in the Space Dive, 13A St. Vincent St., “a miniscule cellar rented for the use of club members and ... decorated with s-f magazine ‘covers,’ and several model rockets.”

According to Bentcliffe,

One other fannish innovation which can be placed on the LaSFaS doorstep is that of the 'Fannish Ceremony' now being carried on by the Cheltenham Circle with their Knights of St. Fantony award for Good Fansmanship. A couple of years ago Eric Jones and myself wore honoured at a most impressive ceremony, and dubbed E.C.L.S.F.S. — Ex-Chairman of LaSFaS. Reason for the title was that it was deemed a high honour to become an ex-Chairman without first having had to indulge the trials and tribulations of the office. 

This was independently conceived by Ted White in creating the Past President of fwa.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
LiSFS The Liverpool Science Fiction Society, of England. Prime spirit Dave Newman till he went gafia; other notable members include John Roles and Norman Shorrock. They brought the art-form of the tapera to its greatest height, and have recognized fannish eminence by award of the designation of Ex-Chairman (ECLSFS). They are not noted as fanzine publishers, but rather go in for local social activities such as formed the basis of their famous symposium on Sex and Sadism and for the productions noted under Movies.
From Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement, ca. 1960
My spelling here was incorrect; they actually prefer LāSFāS, with the null a's to distinguish the group from the Los Angeles outfit.

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