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“A Tennessee Literary Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention” held in Chattanooga, TN, from 1987. Its charter limits attendance to 1,000 members.

Volunteers are called Black Shirts and given the perk of being able to buy and wear convention t-shirts in black.


Convention Dates GoHs, Notes
LibertyCon 1 1987 L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine Crook de Camp, Vincent Di Fate
LibertyCon 2 1988 Gordon R. Dickson, Ron Lindahn, Val Lindahn
LibertyCon 3 1989 Robert Adams, Pamela Adams, Bob Marus
LibertyCon 4 1990 A. E. van Vogt, Debbie Hughes, Mark Maxwell, Timothy Zahn
LibertyCon 5 July 19-21, 1991 James P. Hogan, David Cherry, L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine Crook de Camp
LibertyCon 6 July 10-12, 1992 Katherine Kurtz, Kevin Ward, Will Bradley
LibertyCon 7 1993 Michael McCollum, Mark Fults, John Maddox Roberts
LibertyCon 8 1994 F. M. Busby, Doug Chaffee, Kelly Freas, Laura Freas
LibertyCon 9 1995 Jack Williamson, Dixie Walker, Andrew J. Offutt, Jodie Offutt
LibertyCon 10 July 12-14, 1996 Timothy Zahn, Dave Deitrick, Lori Deitrick, Les Johnson, L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine Crook de Camp
LibertyCon 11 1997 Fred Saberhagen, Vincent Di Fate, David Weber
LibertyCon 12 1998 Lois McMaster Bujold, Lubov, Wendy Webb
LibertyCon 13 1999 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, David Mattingly, Cheryl Mandus
LibertyCon 14 2000 C. J. Cherryh, Jon Stadter, Kenneth Waters
LibertyCon 15 May 25-27, 2001 David Drake, Gary Ruddell, Debbie Hughes
LibertyCon 16 July 25-27, 2003 S. M. Stirling, Darrell K. Sweet, John Ringo
LibertyCon 17 2004 Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Stephen Hickman
LibertyCon 18 July 29-31, 2005 Fred Pohl, Beth Willinger, Timothy Zahn
LibertyCon 19 2006 Ron Goulart, Pete Abrams, Travis Taylor
LibertyCon 20 2007 Jack McDevitt, David Weber, Vincent Di Fate, Greg Matloff
LibertyCon 21 2008 Harry Turtledove, David Mattingly, David B. Coe
LibertyCon 22 2009 Ben Bova, Beth Willinger, Toni Weisskopf
LibertyCon 23 2010 Terry Brooks, Darrell K. Sweet, Les Johnson, Daniel M. Hoyt, Sarah A. Hoyt
LibertyCon 24 2011 S. M. Stirling, Theresa Mather, Stephanie Osborn, Julie Cochrane
LibertyCon 25 July 20-22, 2012 Brandon Sanderson, Timothy Zahn, Don Matiz, Janny Wurts, Vincent Di Fate, Les Johnson, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle
LibertyCon 26 2013 Kevin J. Anderson, Vincent di Fate, Catherine Asaro, Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc
LibertyCon 27 2014 Jody Lynn Nye, Kurt Miller, Travis Taylor, David Cherry
LibertyCon 28 2015 David Weber, Sam Flegal, Robert Hampson, Steve Jackson
LibertyCon 29 July 8-10, 2016 Jonathan Maberry, Todd Lockwood, Kevin Grazier, Melissa Gay
LibertyCon 30 June 30-July 2, 2017 Kevin Hearne, John Ringo, Dan Dos Santos, Elisa Quintana, Todd McCaffrey, Faith Hunter
LibertyCon 31 June 29-July 1, 2018 Mike Resnick, John Picacio, Dr. Kevin Grazier, D. B. Jackson / David B. Coe
LibertyCon 32 June 28-30, 2019 Patricia Briggs, Mitch Foust, Arlan Andrews, Uncle Timmy Bolgeo
LibertyCon 33 June 12–14, 2020 June 25-27, 2021 Patricia Briggs, Tiffany Toland-Scott, Art Dula. Postponed and made virtual due to Covid-19
LibertyCon 34 June 17-19, 2022 Taylor Anderson. Melissa Gay, Stephen Granade, Christopher Woods
LibertyCon 35 / DeepSouthCon 61 June 23-25, 2023 Larry Correia, David Mattingly, Travis S. Taylor, Regina Kirby, Timothy Zahn, David Weber
LibertyCon 36 June 21-23, 2024 M. D. Cooper, Leia Powell, Chuck Rosenfeld, Bill Fawcett and Jody Lynn Nye

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