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(Did you mean a Bob Sourk fanzine or an APA?)

A lithographed fanzine published by Jim Bradley and Malcolm Willits of Portland, OR, with 10 issues (one a double issue) between its start in 1950 and its end in summer 1954. Partway through, Bradley was replaced as co-editor by Earl Kemp of Chicago.

Contributors included: Manly Banister, Richard Bergeron, D. Bruce Berry, Robert Bloch, Hannes Bok, Chesley Bonestell, Bob Briney, Henry Chabot, Arthur C. Clarke, Roberta Collins, Vernell Coriell, Donald B. Day, August Derleth, Miles Eaton, Pat Eaton, Henry Ebel, P. H. Economou, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, Hyacinthe Hill, Norman R. Jaffray, Robert Johnson, Max Keasler, David H. Keller, Nancy Kemp, Allen Kenney, L. Stern Lawrence, Walter Lee, Jr., Lilith Lorraine, Charles Magana, Julian May, Carol McKinney, Sam Moskowitz, Frank Oriole, Naaman Peterson, Ralph Rayburn Philips, Paul Powlesland, Darrell C. Richardson, Haskell Richardson, Elliot Rockmore, Nancy Share, Stanley R. Sommer, Shelby Vick, Wernher von Braun, Wally Weber, George Wetzel, Fred L. Whipple, Mari Wolf, Ed Wood.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Spring 1950 12 Editors are Jim Bradley and Malcolm Willits
2 Fall 1950 16
3 Winter 1950 16
4-5 Summer-Fall 1951 30 Double issue
6 Winter 1951 32
7 Winter 1953 32 Editors are Earl Kemp and Malcolm Willits
8 Spring 1953 32
9 Winter 1953/54 32
10 Summer 1954 64
11 Fall 1954 64 Last issue. Includes Index of Fantasy 1953.

Destiny online at

Publication 19501954
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