1953 Hugos

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Presented September 7, 1953, at Philcon II.

These were the First Hugos ever presented, and there was no shortlist of nominations nor was there a vote of the membership. It appears that the award was presented by the committee. They were called the Science Fiction Achievement Awards and were announced in Philcon II's PR 3. They seem to have hoped that the SFAA would become a permanent award, since they called them the "First Annual". (The following Worldcon, SFCon did not award the Hugos in 1954, but the Clevention did in 1955 and that made them a Hallowed Tradition.)

The rockets themselves were made by Jack McKnight and inspired by the rockets in Willy Ley's book The Conquest of Space. With some modifications, this design was used for all subsequent Hugo rockets.

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