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Presented September 4, 1955 at the Clevention.

This was the second year the Hugos were presented, and again there was no shortlist of nominations but there was a vote of the membership to select the winners. (See Early Hugo voting.) The Clevention committee significantly changed the Hugo categories from those inaugurated by Philcon II in 1953.

Ballots were counted by Howard DeVore, who later turned his records over to Fred Patten. There were 62 ballots in the category Best Magazine, which got the most votes.

The somewhat odd result for Best Novel was apparently due to a bloc vote by Astounding readers who were appalled that a Galaxy ("not really an sf magazine at all." Hmmph!) did so well, tying ASF for Best Prozine and doing well in other categories as well. Since there were so few voters in those days, they were successful.

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