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Retrospective Hugo Awards may be voted on and presented along with the Hugo Awards by a World SF Convention held a multiple of 25 years after a Worldcon when Hugos were not given. The works and people eligible are those that would have qualified had they been given in the historic year. The first actual Hugos were awarded at the 1953 Worldcon for works and people eligible in 1952, but the next set was not given until the Worldcon two years later, so the Retro Hugos fill in the missing years.

The purpose of the Retros is for today's fans to judge the work of the past, not for them to try to replicate what voters "back then" would have chosen.

The Retros were the brainchild of Bruce Pelz. Retro Hugos were awarded the first time in 1996 at L.A.Con III as the 1946 Retro Hugos. The 1945 Retro Hugos, awarded during CoNZealand in 2020, were the most recent.

Whether or not to award Retros is left to the eligible Worldcon. The Worldcons in 1997–2000, ConJosé in 2002, Sasquan in 2015, Worldcon 75 in 2017, Chicon 8 in 2022 and Chengdu Worldcon in 2023 were eligible but decided not to administer Retro Hugos.

Awards Historic Worldcon Eligibility Year Presented At In
1939 Nycon 1938 Loncon 3 2014
1940 Chicon 1939 TBD 2040 (earliest)
1941 Denvention 1940 MidAmeriCon 2 2016
1942 None
(World War II)
1941 TBD 2042 (earliest)
1943 1942 Worldcon 76 in San Jose 2018
1944 1943 Dublin 2019 2019
1945 1944 CoNZealand 2020
1946 Pacificon 1945 L.A.Con III 1996
1947 Philcon 1946 TBD 2047 (earliest)
1948 Torcon 1947 TBD 2048 (earliest)
1949 Cinvention 1948 TBD 2024 (earliest)
1950 NorWesCon 1949 TBD 2025 (earliest)
1951 Nolacon 1950 Millennium Philcon 2001
1952 Chicon II 1951 TBD 2027 (earliest)
1953 Philcon II 1952 First actual Hugos awarded
1954 SFCon 1953 Noreascon 4 2004

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