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Helsinki was the popular name of the 75th Worldcon, officially called "Worldcon 75" and held August 9–13, 2017, at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Helsinki, Finland. The GoHs were John-Henri Holmberg, Nalo Hopkinson, Johanna Sinisalo, Claire Wendling (did not attend due to illness), Walter Jon Williams, and Science Guest Ian Stewart.

It was selected at Loncon 3. The bidders were Helsinki in 2017, Montreal in 2017, Nippon in 2017, and DC17, see 2017 Worldcon Site Selection for details.

Initially chaired by Jukka Halme, Saija Aro, and Crystal Huff; Aro resigned in May 2016 and Huff in November.

It conducted the 2019 Worldcon Site Selection.

A late surge in membership caused overcrowding problems in the programme rooms on the first day, forcing the committee to close membership sales for subsequent days, the first time this has happened for a Worldcon. Some extra programme space was made available later in the con, but the queues snaking round and round the conference space remained for the whole event, and most items continued to be turn people away.

Final membership count was 7,060 attending, 3,374 other participants, 110 exhibitors, 7 helpers, a total of 10,434. This is the second highest attending (after L.A.con II) and third highest overall (after Sasquan and Loncon 3).

The guerrilla newsletter was called OffPiste, see file below.

Progress Report 6 (available below) was produced after the convention, and is full of con reports and links to 3rd party reports.

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