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(June 28, 1945 -- March 22, 2015)

Peggy Rae McKnight Pavlat Sapienza chaired BucConeer, the 1998 Worldcon and was Fan GoH at Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon. Long a stalwart of Washington-Baltimore fandom, she was famous for getting people to get things done. Her efforts as vice chairman of ConFrancisco, the 1993 Worldcon, are widely credited with keeping a fractious concomm on track. she also co-chaired the 2014 World Fantasy Convention and was a member of the DC17 bid committee.

She was the daughter of Jack McKnight, who manufactured the first Hugo Award rockets, the widow of fellow BNF Bob Pavlat (who she met at her first Worldcon, Pittcon in 1960 and with whom she received the Big Heart Award in 1983) and since 1999 the wife of fannish lawyer John Sapienza. When married to Pavlat, Peggy Rae explained that hotels would often conflate their reservations with those of Ross Pavlac.

She chaired Smofcon 9, the Washington in '77 Worldcon bid, and the 2014 World Fantasy Convention. She was one of the founders of FanHistoriCon. She was a member of the Young Science Fiction Reading Group and PSFS. She published the FAPAzines Adventures on Earth, Of Cabbages and Kings and Baby Turtles (also in 'FHAPA), and the fanzine Etwas.

Chicon 7 created the Peggy Rae Sapienza Endowment in her honor using surplus funds.

Chairmanships: 1992: Smofcon 9 1998: BucConeer 2010: Nebula Award Weekend (co-chair with Steven H Silver) 2011: Nebula Award Weekend 2012: Nebula Award Weekend 2014: 2014 World Fantasy Convention

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