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Kubla Khan Clave (Kubla Khan 1 / UpperSouthClave III[1]) was held in 1973 at the Biltmore Motel in Nashville, TN. The GoH was Frederik Pohl.

Dan Caldwell writes: The program "book" consists of a paper bag containing a small sheet with the 1/2-track of programing. Meade Frierson holds forth in the con suite. Everybody has a good time.

The con is mostly remembered for the infamous "banquet." The motel had lost money on a banquet for another group on Friday night and tried to save money by cutting back on the Kubla banquet. The GoH Fred Pohl, MC Andy Offutt and Ken stayed in the bar too long and got in at the tail end of the buffet banquet line. Dan, sensing a problem, was near the head of the line and got a full plate of the banquet menu. But the buffet soon ran dry and the motel kitchen substituted instant mashed potatoes. By the time Ken, Fred and Andy got served that's all there was. At the podium, Andy(?) leaned into the microphone and said "I've never had $4.95 of mashed potatoes before."

Then the motel food manager (?), dressed in bright red, came in during the middle of the banquet to present the bill. As she left she turned the air conditioning off. Later that evening, Ken took the pros out to a real restaurant for steaks.

The con attracted a lot of local fans who had not heard about the club. Most of them became part of the local fan group centered around the club and Kubla.


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