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(April 20, 1926 – May 31, 2018)

June Moffatt (previously Konigsberg, née Poulsen) was a LA area fan. She was on numerous LA area convention committees. She was a member of LASFS, attending her first meeting in 1947 — with her mother, Louise Leipiar — and had been an officer, including president.

June’s husband Len Moffatt wrote in Shangri-L'Affaires 77 (October 1980):

Louise had brought her daughter, June, to the club in the late forties ... and June almost never came back after her first meeting. Arthur Jean Cox was director and he believed in Keeping Order during the formal meeting. Louise, who loved to talk, was doing so at a time when she didn't have the floor. Jean finally told her to shut up or words to that effect, and Louise, highly insulted, stomped out of the room, taking June with her. June, new to fandom, said that she had that I-wish-I-could-drop-through-the-floor feeling. But thanks to the ghods of fandom, June did come back and by the fifties was mariied to one of our best book reviewers, Eph Konigsberg. June and Eph co-edited an issue of SHAGGY, one of the better-looking ones as I recall.

June married Konigsberg on December 30, 1949; they had three kids and divorced in 1964. She married Moffatt on December 10, 1966, his second wife, and with him was TAFF winner in 1973. Many of their offices, publications and accomplishments were joint.

She was a member of SCIFI, The Petards, the DREGS of L.A. Fandom, the Burroughs Bibliophiles, the Blustering Gales of the SW and the Curious Collectors of Baker St. She was one of the founders of Bouchercon and chaired three of them.

She was a member of the First Fandom club. She was also one of the last five members of CAPA -- along with John L. Coker III, Barbara Harmon, Jon D. Swartz, and Ray Faraday Nelson -- and contributed June's Notes.

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