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(December 10, 1898 – May 29, 1969)

Louise Margurite Leipiar (née Lois Peet), a Los Angeles fan and sf writer, was a member of LASFS, active in the 1940s through ’60s. She was a member of the Cinvention. She edited at least one issue of Shaggy.

She wrote fiction under the pename L. Major Reynolds.

She was the birth mother of June Poulson (later Moffatt), whom she introduced to fandom; June’s husband Len Moffatt wrote in Shangri-L'Affaires 77 (October 1980) about her first LASFS meeting in 1947:

Louise had brought her daughter, June, to the club in the late forties ... and June almost never came back after her first meeting. Arthur Jean Cox was director and he believed in Keeping Order during the formal meeting. Louise, who loved to talk, was doing so at a time when she didn't have the floor. Jean finally told her to shut up or words to that effect, and Louise, highly insulted, stomped out of the room, taking June with her. June, new to fandom, said that she had that I-wish-I-could-drop-through-the-floor feeling. But thanks to the ghods of fandom, June did come back....

Born in Kansas, according to government records, Louise was married at least twice. She married Robert Gallagher in 1918, and they had a daughter, Bettie Gein, in 1919. At some point in the early 1920s, Louise and Robert divorced, and Robert had custody of Bettie in the 1930 Census. Louise married Rupert Leipiar in the early 1920s and had another daughter, Geneva, in about 1923. By the 1930 census, she was still married to Rupert, used Louise as her first name, 1899 as her birth year, and claimed that she was born "at sea" rather than in Kansas. There are no government records connecting Louise and June Moffatt; it’s confirmed by fans and June’s family. June was adopted by the Poulsen family soon after her birth in 1926.


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