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(June 24, 1920 – November 11, 1985)

Born Lillian Heim Jacoby, Buddie McKnight (later Evans) worked on Philcon II, the 1953 Worldcon.

Les Gerber called her “Philadelphia’s answer to The Bat” (Minac 6, September 27, 1963, p. 10).

She was married to Jack McKnight; Peggy Rae Sapienza was their daughter. After Buddie and Jack divorced, she married BNF Bill Evans.

An “almost” 17-year-old Peggy Rae wrote in Etwas 3 (1961, p. 3):

In the past there has seemed to be some confusion as to who Buddie McKnight is. She is my Mother except on fannish occasions, then she is transformed into my sister. And to any of you who thought that she "tagged along" with me at the Pittcon or at the Disclave. You’re wrong, you see, I tagged along with her. She was a fan before I even knew what science fiction was. And, she is wonderful. For that matter, so is Daddy both Wonderful and a fan.

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