Operation Shamrookie

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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Sort of preview of the Operation Armageddon idea. Mike Wilson, a neofan friend of Arthur C. Clarke's, was called up (:drafted) and sent to Ireland for training. VinĀ¢ and Ken Bulmer seized this opportunity for a ploy and briefed Mike carefully. They had him present himself at Oblique House in the character of a Londoner who had never heard of fandom; VinĀ¢ even supplied him with a short story, envisioning its publication in Hyphen with plonking comments about this marvelous new fan the Londoners had entirely overlooked. But what with too many fannish allusions being made by Mike, and his training schedule (for Commando work) a crowded one, Walt realized that he was being led up the garden path before any useful errors were made. Still, it helps explain why Willis is leery of Belfast neos and the London Circle suspicious of strangers with Irish accents.

Fanhistory 1950s
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