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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Sort of a publishing house name. It's the Slanted-like-the Dickens residence of Walt Willis in Belfast, on Upper Newtownards Road. The Oblique Angles are the Belfast fen generally, from the fact that Oblique House was their mecca; originally WAW, Bob Shaw, and James White, tho BoSh moved and White became a [ptui!] pro; now also includes Madeleine Willis, Peggy White, George All the Way Charters, Sadie Shaw, and John Berry; and perhaps Carol and Bryan Willis by courtesy. Presumably the name will carry over to Walt's new place, now he's moved.

Located at 170 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast. The attic of Oblique House is said to be the only venue in which a legitimate game of ghoodminton could be played.

The last meeting of Irish Fandom in Oblique House, was held May 6, 1965, as reported in the 79th issue of Skyrack:

On 6th May the old red brick house at 170 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, which had been the H.Q. of Irish Fandom for nearly 20 years, finally reverted to the mundane plane of existence. At a house-cooling party the occasion was marked by a simple but moving ceremony attended by all Irish fandom. In the fan attic the last ghoodminton service was solemnly performed by Bob Shaw. Symbolically, it was not returned. Instead the last shuttlecock was picked up by John Berry and reverently removed to its final resting place, a time capsule donated by Sadie Shaw. Also in the glass, cylindrical two pound capsule were deposited a copy of The Enchanted Duplicator (1st edition), some hyphens in printing type, used for Slant, a dollop of duplicating ink, James White's first bow tie (symbolising the professional element of IF) and signatures of the great fans and good friends who had stayed at Oblique House during the years... The time capsule was then buried in the front lawn, underneath the cherry tree, in earth with which had been mingled the sacred soil of South Gate, donated by Rick Sneary. A fannish era had ended.

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