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The Minnesota Science Fiction SocietyMinn-stf or MnStf for short (it was originally the Minnesota Scientifiction Society) – came formally into being on November 25, 1966, at the Minnesota Technolog office at the University of Minnesota (or, possibly, at Frank Stodolka's parents' house -- sources differ on the location, but not the date). (See Minneapolis for some pre-Minn-StF organizational details.)

When MnStf outgrew the Technolog offices, it met at Golub's Bookstore and then at the Pillsbury-Waite Cultural Center, but eventually found its permanent home at members' houses.

Known as Crazy Minneapolis Fandom through the 1970s and into the '80s, the club met every other week for decades and it now meets twice a month in members' homes. The club sponsors the annual Minicon on Easter weekend. Minn-stf's spirit was perhaps best described by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, who observed, "There are three fannish centers in the country – Boston, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Boston is Law, Los Angeles is Chaos and Minneapolis is Faerie."

Minn-StF (historically sometimes pronounced "Minn-stef", but now almost always "Minn-stiff") is dedicated to furthering the appreciation of science fiction and fantasy literature. Minn-StF's "meetings" are actually parties. The traditional start time for a Minn-StF meeting is 2 p.m., but most people don't show up till 4 p.m. or so unless the "meeting" is a picnic or pool party.

Einblatt! is the clubzine which is mainly a calendar of events. Rune is the very sporadic club genzine. (There was a ten-year gap between Rune 86, published in March 2002, and Rune 87, dated October 2012.) Minn-Stf also publishes a fan fiction fanzine named Tales of the Unanticipated.

In addition to Minicon (a regional), Minn-StF usually runs a fallcon, a relaxacon (its name changes frequently), the Minneapolis in '73, a not-a-hoax bid Worldcon bid, and the Minneapolis in 2073 Worldcon bid.

Minn-StF is officially agnostic when it comes to spelling, hyphenating, capitalizing the club's nickname. Minn-StF, MNstf, Minn-stf, and other variations are all acceptable. The "StF" came from "scientifiction."


Floundering Fathers[edit]

The founders of Minnstf were Ken Fletcher (Treasurer), Nate Bucklin (Secretary), Frank Stodolka (who was elected first president), Jim Young, and Fred Haskell (who claimed he was actually out getting a sandwich at the time). Haskell was elected Official Happy Deadwood, over his protests that a club needs members, too.

Other early members included Linda Lounsbury, Floyd Henderson, Richard Tatge, and Al Kuhfeld.

Rune Press[edit]

The Minn-Stf publishing house and small press which is responsible for Rune itself, Einblatt!, as well as the first 23 issues of Tales of the Unanticipated. Additionally, it published a number of small books:

Year Book Author Notes
1979 Maturity Theodore Sturgeon A short story collection and bibliography published for Minicon 15
1985 Time Gum ed Eleanor Arnason and Terry A. Garey A speculative poetry anthology
1988 Time Frames ed Terry A. Garey A speculative poetry anthology

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