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Minicon 1 was held January 6, 1968 in the University of Minnesota's Coffman Union, Men's Lounge. Guests of Honor: Gordon Dickson, Charles De Vet and Clifford Simak. Carl Jacobi was also advertised as a GoH, but didn't make it.

There were some specific program topics, but inasmuch as the entire convention fit in one lounge, a lot of it consisted of the GoHs sitting in chairs with people gathered around them (many on the floor) and talking. Attendance was reported at 36 in one place and 60 in another.

The convention was a half-day on Saturday afternoon, 12:30 to 5 pm. It was followed by some of the members going to dinner.

Mark Olson -- who was then a student at the U attending his first convention -- remembers mainly sitting on the floor in the room among a crowd of other fans listening to the three guests (but mostly Gordy Dickson) talk about interesting stuff. It warped him for life.

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