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As Terry Carr once observed (albeit of the Tower of Bheer Cans to the Moon), if fandom admires anything above innovation and imagination, it's really daring and silly and stupid innovation and imagination. Minneapolis in ’73 was an idea whose time had come ... and gone ... and gotten silly.

Jim Young started the original (and, yes, real) bid for the 1973 Worldcon but withdrew in favor of Toronto in December 1970, well before the vote was held. See 1973 Worldcon Site Selection.

But Crazy Minneapolis Fandom (see Minn-stf) really enjoyed holding bid parties, and also enjoyed the notion of instilling in the minds of fandom the idea that Minneapolis fandom brims over with truly bulldog never-say-die determination, so Bev Swanson and Chuck Holst kept it going by hosting a Minneapolis in '73 bid party at Torcon 2 (the 1973 Worldcon) — and the tradition just grew from there. It has continued with a proposed bid for Worldcon in Minneapolis in 2073.

Supporting Membership costs are the most reasonable ever — minus one cent (the bid gives you a 1973 penny, a membership card and something useful, like a Lift Pass, Airship Pass or coupon to Tour the Glacier, all featuring Ken Fletcher art). The ongoing perpetual bid's totem is a blimp.

No one stops to consider what might happen if the bid ever proves successful, perhaps because fans are loath to admit the possibility that 1950s grade-B schlock monster movies may have been correct in their oft-repeated admonition that There Are Some Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

The early serious bid published the Minneapolis in '73 Filksong Book in 1969. It also published the hoaxzine Ides.

See also Minneapolis Blog.

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