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Jim Young at ConJose; Photo by Mark Olson

(1951 -- June 12, 2012)

Jim Young was a Minneapolis teenager who found out about fandom from Jean Berman, a classmate and became a member of APA-45. He was soon one of the Minn-STF "floundering fathers". He was chairman or (chairman emeritus) of many early Minicons (including nearly all of Minicon 1 through Minicon 10), and a founder of the Minneapolis in '73 bid. He was a fan writer, artist, and song writer:

Don't ever be a dodo
For if you are a dodo
It shows that you've read Golgol
And Golgol's just so-so 

Well, OK.

He was a writer who wrote two SF novels, The Face of the Deep (Pocket 1979) and Armed Memory (Tor 1995) as well as a number of shorter works. Until he retired, he was a career diplomat with the State Department Foreign Service. After retirement, he did writing and acting in Hollywood films.

He published the fanzine Hoop in the late 60s as well as Bathtubs of the Moon, and was the editor of a number of issues of Rune. He was a member of Minneapa, contributing his apazine, The Plumbing of Pluto. He published the Minneapolis in '73 Filksong Book in 1969 for Minneapolis in '73.

At Loncon 3, Karen Schaffer published a memorial fanzine, Remembering Jim Young.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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