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A fanzine published by Terry Carr and Pete Graham. It began in 1958 and was originally intended to be a oneshot since Carr was still publishing Innuendo. Graham moved to New York, revived Lighthouse and released two issues on his own as a Fapazine. When Carr also moved to New York in 1961, he again became co-editor. Later, Carr became editor and Graham wrote a column for it. There were fifteen issues total. It was nominated the 1967 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 1968 Best Fanzine Hugo.

Contributing writers included Redd Boggs, Carol Carr, Sid Coleman, Philip K. Dick, Gina Ellis, Pat Lupoff, Dick Lupoff, George Metzger, Alva Rogers, Joanna Russ, Ted White, Walt Willis, and Don Wollheim. Contributing artists included Hannes Bok, Jack Gaughan, and Ray Nelson.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 undated, 1958 19
2 February 1961 32
3 August 1961 34
4 November 1961 68
5 February 1962 96
6 May 1962 18
7 August 1962 48
8 May 1963 4
9 August 1963 26
10 August 1964 49
11 November 1964 58
12 February 1965 51
13 August 1965 48
14 October 1966 90
15 August 1967 99 Final issue

Lighthouse online at

Publication 19581967
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