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The Detroit Science Fantasy League formed around 1949 or ’50, after the Blowup caused Saginaw-based Art Rapp to resign from the Misfits. When George Young wanted to make it sercon, Howard DeVore stalked off to form a beer and poker club splinter group called the Morgan Botts Foundation, which lasted a couple of years till George came around to find out why nobody was coming to his DSFL meetings, and decided he’d rather drink bheer and play poker, too.

It seems to have co-existed with the MSFL.

The DSFL published an official organ, The Detroit Stfan: News Bulletin of the Detroit Science Fantasy League, with at least four issues by March 1950. Editors were Edith Furcsik and Agnes Harook. Contributors included George Young, Andre Weitzenhoffer , Ben Singer, Fred St. Arnault, George Furcsik, Martin Alger, Ed Kuss and Marilyn Ross.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
See Michifen

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