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The Detroit Stfan: News Bulletin of the Detroit Science Fantasy League was a clubzine published by Edith Furcsik and Agnes Harook for the Detroit SFL. Contributors included George Young, Andre Weitzenhoffer , Ben Singer, Fred St. Arnault, George Furcsik, Martin Alger, Ed Kuss and Marilyn Ross.

Issue Date Pages Editor Notes
1 V1.1 February 5, 1950 2 Edith Furcsik
2 V1.2 February 20, 1950 6 "
3 V1.3 March 6, 1950 6 "
4 V1.4 March 27, 1950 8 "
5 V1.5 September 17, 1850 4 George Young
6 V1.6 October 1, 1960 8 Agnes Harook
V2.1 October 15, 1950 6 "
V2.1A November 19, 1950 4 " This is the second issue labeled #2.1

The Detroit Stfan online at

Publication 1950
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