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A convention held in Columbus, OH from 1988 to 2014 and sponsored by FANACO, Inc.

Convention Date GoHs
Context I 1988
Context II 1989
Context III 1990
Context IV October 4-6, 1991 Larry Niven, Judith Tarr, Janet Kagan, Dennis McKiernan
Context V October 2-4, 1992 George Alec Effinger, Martin H. Greenberg, Joan Slonczewski
Context VI October 1-3, 1993 Frederik Pohl
Context VII October 7-9, 1994 Allen Steele, Stanley Schmidt
Context VIII 1995
Context IX 1996
Context X October 3-5, 1997 David Brin, Gene Wolfe
Context XI October 2-4, 1998 Larry Niven, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Context XII October 8-10, 1999 Robert J. Sawyer
Context XIII September 29-October 1, 2000 Gordon Van Gelder, Juanita Coulson
Context XIV October 5-7, 2001 Joe and Gay Haldeman, Fianna, Darrell Schweitzer, Maureen McHugh, Jeff Herman
Context XV October 11-13, 2002 Andrew J. Offutt
Context XVI October 3-5, 2003 Catherine Asaro, Eric Flint
Context 17 October 1-3, 2004 Connie Willis, Andrea Dale
Context 18 October 7-9, 2005 Michael Swanwick, Gordon Van Gelder, Gary Braunbeck, Mike Resnick
Context 19 October 6-8, 2006 Maureen F. McHugh, Tim Waggoner, Ellen Datlow
Context 20 September 28-30, 2007 Tim Powers, Mike Resnick, Michael A. Arnzen
Context 21 September 26-28, 2008 Tanya Huff, Brian Keene, Paula Guran, Jeannine Davis-Kimball
Context 22 August 28-30, 2009 Christopher Golden, James P. Hogan, Jason B. Sizemore, Dr. Karen Nagel, Michael "Moonwulf" Longcor
Context 23 August 27-29, 2010 Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Massie, Paul Stevens, Tim Deal, Bill Roper
Context 24 August 26-28, 2011 Seanan McGuire, David Hartwell, Nigel Sade, Susan Fisher
Context 25 September 28-30, 2012 L. E. Modesitt, Alex Bledsoe, Toni L.P. Kelner, Bill and Brenda Sutton, Robert Pyatt
Context 26 September 27-29, 2013 Jack McDevitt, Elizabeth Bear, John Joseph Adams, Dr. Bradley T. Lepper
Context 27 September 26-28, 2014 Jonathan Maberry, Betsy Mitchell
Context 28 2015 GoHs were to be Ellen Datlow and Chuck Wendig


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