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ConChord, a filk convention in the Los Angeles area, was first held in March 1983. It is currently on hiatus or perhaps dead. The conventions from 2010 through 2015 were held in conjunction with the general conventions Conjecture and Westercon but retained their own identity, program, and guest lists.

ConChord issued the Kazoo Awards and held the “Totally Tasteless and Tacky Revue.”

Kazoo Awards[edit]

The Kazoo Awards were presented for a variety of filk-related categories at ConChord, beginning at ConChord 5. The trophy was usually a decorated kazoo. The categories as well as the winners are voted on at the convention. The categories (and the winner) can be serious, for fun, or satirical. The number of awards ranged from a half-dozen to a dozen, but have on occasion exceeded that range in both directions.

Some of the categories that were awarded:

  • Anne McCaffrey Memorial
  • Convention Mis-Accomodations
  • Frogs & Toads
  • The Fools Gold Kazoo
  • Listener
  • Pun-ishment
  • Drinking Songs
  • The Great Communicator

A partial list is available from Kay Shapero's website: Website

Convention Dates GoHs Toastmaster
ConChord 1 March 11-13, 1983 Bob Passovoy & Anne Passovoy
ConChord 2 March 1-3, 1985 Clif Flynt
ConChord 3 March 6-8, 1987 Robin Bailey and Diana Bailey
ConChord 4 October 7-9, 1988 Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton
ConChord 5 October 6-8, 1989 Bill Roper, Carol Poore
ConChord 6 October 12-14, 1990 Julia Ecklar
ConChord 7 September 27-29, 1991 Michael Longcor
ConChord 8 October 2-4, 1992 Tom Smith
ConChord 9 October 8-10, 1993 Dave Clement, Steve MacDonald
ConChord 10 September 30-October 2, 1994 Joe Ellis, Moira Breen, Urban Tapestry
ConChord 11 September 29-October 1, 1995 The Duras Sisters, Windbourne Chris Weber and Karen Wilson
ConChord 12 March 7-9, 1997 Graham Leathers, Heather Alexander, Lloyd Landa, Karen Linsley Larry Warner
ConChord 13 October 2-4, 1998 Mary Ellen Wessels, Steve Simmons, Joanna Cazden Kathy Mar
ConChord 14 September 22-24, 2000 Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff, Echo's Children, Dave Luckett Debbie Baudoin
ConChord 15 August 10-12, 2001 Broceliande, Maureen O'Brien, Steve Macdonald Windbourne
ConChord 16 August 2-4, 2002 Urban Tapestry, Ewin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss, Throwing Toasters Nancy Louise Freeman
ConChord 17 August 1-3, 2003 Four Shillings Short, Melissa Glasser, Daniel Glasser Karen Anderson
ConChord 18 August 6-8, 2004 Alan Thiesen, John Hall Paul Willett
ConChord 19 August 26-28, 2005 Les Barker, Joe Bethancourt, Three Weird Sisters, James Lee Stanley, Martin Gordon-Kerr, Andrea Gordon-Kerr Larry Niven
ConChord 20 August 17-19, 2007 Tanya Huff, Andrea Dale, Tom Digby
ConChord 21 September 12-14, 2008 Alexander James Adams, Paul Estin, Derek Foster Steve Savitzky
ConChord 22 September 11-13, 2009 Carla Ulbrich, Joe Giacoio, Gary McGath Barry Gold
ConChord 23/Westercon 63 July 1-4, 2010 Seanan McGuire, Stone Dragons Paul Kwinn
ConChord 24/Conjecture 2012 October 5-7, 2012 Heather Dale, Creede Lambard Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff
ConChord 25/Conjecture 2013 October 18-20, 2013 Tom Smith, Kirstin Tanger, Volker Tanger Tim Griffin
ConChord 26/Conjecture 2014 October 10-12, 2014 Bill Roper, Matt Leger, & Mary Mulholland Marilyn Miller
ConChord 27/Westercon 68 July 2-5, 2015 Vixy & Tony, Morva Bowman, Allan Pollard, Seanan McGuire, Steven Brust, William F. Nolan, John Picacio

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