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Westercon 68 took place July 2-5, 2015 at the Town & Country in San Diego, CA. The Guests of Honor were: Author: Mira Grant, Artist: John Picacio, Fan: Seanan McGuire, Special Guest: William F. Nolan. Attendance was 945

The original GoH was Spider Robinson who withdrew due to ill health. In June, 2015, the convention announced that Mira Grant (a pseudonym of FGoH Seanan McGuire would be the new GoH.

At Westercon Site Selection at Westercon 66, the San Diego bid, running unopposed, received 92 of 105 votes with a preference. (There were also 5 no preference votes.)

Both the local San Diego gencon Conjecture 13 and the Southern California filk convention (which had been co-occurring for the last few years), ConChord 27 took place at the same time as the Westercon.

Conjecture 13's GoH was Steven Brust.

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