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The Boskone 53 Special Art Exhibit was themed from the 20 Spectrum art books edited by Boskone 53 Special Guests Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner. The exhibit consisted of 75 pieces representing every volume of Spectrum that was edited by the Fenners. The exhibited was collected and curated by Edie Stern and Joe Siclari. The list of collectors and artists who loaned pieces for exhibit are listed at the bottom of this entry.

The list of the Artists and titles of the art in the show included:

Artist Spectrum Title
Rick Berry 1 The Juggler
Michael Whelan 1 Snow Queen
Rick Berry 2 Call for Entries
Bob Eggleton 2 Godzilla
Donato Giancola 2 Construct of Time
Stephen Hickman 2 The Archers
Rick Berry 3 Chainknit
Vincent Di Fate 3 It Came from the Drive in
Donato Giancola 3 Lethe
John Jude Palencar 4 Aduthood Rites
James Gurney 5 The World of Dinosaurs
John Harris 5 Siege of Eternity/The Other End of Time 2
Nicholas Jainschigg 5 Signs of Life
Omar Rayyan 5 Orcs of Udun
Ron Walotsky 5 Gate of Ivory/Gate of Horn
Stephen Hickman 6 Dragon
Donato Giancola 7 Dragonsight
Donato Giancola 7 Highrises
Nicholas Jainschigg 7 Wild Swan
Jeff Jones 7 mermaid (unpublished)
John Jude Palencar 7 Bird Shrine
Omar Rayyan 7 The Music Critic
Julie Bell 8 The King's Peace
Kinuko Craft 8 Das Rheingold - print
Vincent Di Fate 8 Abandon in Place
Diane Dillon 8 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Brom 9 Shade of Blue (Dragon Magazine)
Scott Grimando 9 Nightwings
Stephen Hickman 9 Nada the Lily
Thomas Kidd 9 Specimens (War of the Worlds)
Brom 10 Soulforge
Vincent Di Fate 10 Going for Infinity
Bob Eggleton 10 Dragon Weather aka Fine Dragons
Gary Lippincott 10 Elfin Aja
Dave Seeley 10 Engaging the Enemy
Vincent Di Fate 11 50th Anniversary Creature From the Black Lagoon
Thomas Kuebler 11 Guru
Gary Lippincott 11 Jack
Kinuko Craft 12 The Divided Crown - print
Diane Dillon 12 Tales from Shakespeare
Omar Rayyan 12 Nobody Here But Us Chickens
Michael Whelan 12 Crimson King
Thomas Canty 13 Year's Best Fantasy & Horror #18
Dan Dos Santos 13 Spirits Who Walk in Shadows
Donato Giancola 13 Crystal Dragon
Jody Lee 14 "The Four Forges" by Jenna Rhodes
Gary Lippincott 14 The Sorceress
John Jude Palencar 14 Chasing Fire
Eric Fortune 15 The Red Magician
Donato Giancola 15 Shaman
Boris Vallejo 15 Freedom!
Randy Gallegos 16 Balance
Jody Lee 16 Jewel and the Garden of Stone" for The Hidden City by Michelle West
Omar Rayyan 16 Magic Mirrors
Dave Seeley 16 Virga 1.2
Vincent Villafranca 16 Otherworldly Procession
Thomas Kidd 17 Bird of the River
Gregory Manchess 17 A Princess of Mars
Gregory Manchess 17 Breath of God
Mark Zug 17 Helium
Jim Burns 18 Homuncularium
Kristina Carroll 18 Elevation
Petar Meseldzija 18 Svjatogor
David Palumbo 18 God's War
Mark Poole 18 Snow Blind
Ruth Sanderson 18 Rusalka
Bob Eggleton 19 Winter's Reign aka Reingold the Red Horned Snow Dragon
Stephen Hickman 19 Thomas Rhymer and the Queen of Elfland
John Jude Palencar 19 The Keeper
David Palumbo 19 Coral Demon
Richard Anderson 20 Seven Princes
Ingrid Kallick 20 Procession
Ruth Sanderson 20 Persephone (aka Descent)
Dave Seeley 20 Burn Zone
Stephen Hickman 21 Thomas Rhymer and the Queen of Elfland

Pieces were loaned by: Claire Anderson, Dave Anderson, Julie Bell, Dave Berry, Ann Broomhead, Kinuko Y. Craft, Vincent Di Fate, Diane Dillon, Bob Eggleton, Donato Giancola, Stephen Hickman, Nick Jainschigg, Tom Kidd, Jody Lee, Mary Ellen Moore, Murray Moore, Mark Olson, Priscilla Olson, Dave Seeley, Joe Siclari, Edie Stern, Tim Szczesuil, Boris Vallejo, Robert Weiner, Michael Whelan

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