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(January 25, 1969 – )

Vincent Villafranca is an American sculptor. He creates bronze sculptures ranging from traditional wildlife imagery to futuristic or fantastical SFF imagery.

His work has been nominated for the Chesley Award for Best Three-Dimensional Art 10 out of the last 11 years, winning 4 times.

His work was part of the Boskone 53 Special Art Exhibit. In 2017, his proposed design was selected for the new World Fantasy Award trophy.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

The 2013 Hugo Award trophy base designed by Vincent Villafranca is a bronze casting featuring several different fantastical creatures sitting on top of a large book with their noses buried in their own smaller books.

For the 2018 Hugo Award trophy base, Sara Felix and Vincent Villafranca chose to honor the astronomical heritage of California by featuring San Jose's own Lick Observatory cast in bronze.

The new World Fantasy Award trophy designed by Vincent Villafranca is a bronze casting on a wooden base, depicting a tree in front of a full moon, evoking the use of trees and night imagery in mythology, fantasy, and horror.

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