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Fanzine edited by Dan Steffan. One project of Steffan's which appeared in Boonfark was a graphic novel version of The Enchanted Duplicator. It was incomplete when Boonfark ended publication.

Contributors included: ATom, Jim Barker, Harry Bell, Gregory Benford, Jim Benford, Richard Bergeron, rich brown, Steve Brown, Grant Canfield, Terry Carr, Rich Coad, Dave English, Ken Fletcher, Tom Foster, Alexis Gilliland, Lee Hoffman, Gary Hubbard, Jay Kinney, Tim Kirk, Dave Langford, Dave Locke, Eric Mayer, Ray Nelson, Bill Rotsler, Larry Stark, Bhob Stewart, Steve Stiles, Bruce Townley, Ted White, and Walt Willis.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 October 1974 16
2 February 1977 20
3 November 1979 38
4 January 1981 60
4A January 1981 1 "Zen Vaudeville Encore"
5 August 1981 52
5A March 1982 1
6 Spring 1982 50
7 Fall 1982 76
8 Spring 1983 58
8A November 1983 2 Supplement

Boonfark online at

Publication 19741983
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