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Promotional art by Jackie Causgrove.

AutoClave 1, the first convention aimed at fanzine fans, was held Memorial Day weekend, May 28–31, 1976, at the Howard Johnson's New Center Motor Lodge in Detroit.

It featured a full weekend of fanzine-related programming, as well as an art show and hucksters room (and a large skinny-dipping event). The film program featured The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.

Memberships were $6–7, and hotel rooms $20–36.

GoHs were Title faned Donn Brazier, in a very rare convention appearance, and letterhack Gene Wolfe. Mike Glicksohn served as toastmaster, a post he accepted by return telegram after the invitation was telegraphed to him at Aussiecon the year before.

The chairmen were Gary Mattingly, Joe Wesson and a teen-aged Leah Zeldes. Big Hearted Howard DeVore ran the hucksters room.

The convention drew about 125 people and made a small profit, more by accident than design.

Gruesome hotel problems inspired Larry Tucker's video Faans.

A transcript of Gene Wolfe’s very funny goh speech appears in Energumen 16 (September 1981), p.29.

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