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The 1965 Hugo Awards were awarded by Robert Silverberg on August 30, 1965 by Loncon II at a ceremony at the convention. To save shipping costs, there was only one Hugo trophy at the convention which each winner got to hold in turn.

Loncon II's categories basically followed those of the previous year's Pacificon II, including the one-year category Best Book Publisher which was never again awarded. When producing its nomination ballot, Loncon inadvertently left off Best Dramatic Presentation, apparently taking its list from Pacificon II's final ballot which also left off Best Dramatic Presentation (due to insufficient nominations.) Protests were immediate and write-ins allowed the committee to include Best Dramatic Presentation on the final ballot, albeit with only two nominees.

Loncon II did not release standings after first place, and placed an unusually small number of nominees on the final ballot: 2 in one category, 3 in two more and only 4 in the rest.

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