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Awarded September 6, 1964 by Pacificon II. Norm Metcalf was Hugo administrator.

Pacificon II added one new category: Best SF Book Publisher, but it was only repeated once more (by Loncon) and so did not become a permanent category.

This is the first year when the complete order of finish was reported. We also have the vote totals. The vote was a simple plurality vote without the modern Transferable Preferential Ballot.

Much later, Metcalf wrote:

Our main problems seem to have been the thirteen people who nominated Edgar R. Burroughs' "Savage Pellucidar" for best short/novelet and the book as Best Novel; the people who voted items in the wrong categories and being the first committee to publicize the voting, plus our novel winner was only of novelette length. This caused an uproar, especially from Harlan Ellison. Harlan was upset because he'd been pitching himself to Hollywood as a Hugo winner and now we'd revealed that six votes could get something on the final ballot. We solved the ERB problem by ruling that the "novel" was actually four stories, three of which has been published in the 1940's and letting it only appear in the shorter category. I moved all the miscategorized votes into the proper categories but it didn't make a difference. As for revealing the votes we all discussed that for hours and unanimously agreed that "fandom" deserved to know. Besides Harlan some former WorldCon committee members were annoyed with us on the grounds that we'd retroactively cast suspicion on their results.

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