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(Did you mean a convention in Texas?)

A convention held at Exeter University in the UK and run by the Exeter University Science Fiction Society since 1982. The numbering went wrong somewhere before Microcon 7.

Convention Dates GoHs
Microcon 1 March 12-13, 1982 Lisa Tuttle
Microcon II February 5-6, 1983 none
Microcon 7 1987 Tom Shippey
Microcon 8 1988 Terry Pratchett, Iain Banks, Neil Gaiman, Dave Langford, Diana Wynne Jones, Colin Greenland, John Brunner, John Grant, Fox, Fay Sampson, Chris Bell
Microcon 9 1989 David V. Barrett, Adrian Cole, Storm Constantine, Mary Gentle, Fox, Colin Greenland, John Grant, Dave Langford, Pete Loveday, Terry Pratchett, Fay Sampson, Ron Tiner, Diana Wynne Jones
Microcon 10 1990
Microcon 11 1991
Microcon 12 February 29-March 1, 1992 John Brunner
Microcon 13 March 5-6, 1993 Colin Greenland
Microcon 14 March 5-6, 1994 Geoff Ryman, John Clute, John Grant, Colin Greenland, Stephen Marley, Richard Middleton
Microcon 15 March 4-5, 1995 Ramsey Campbell
Microcon 16 March 2-3, 1996 Diana Wynne Jones, Fay Sampson
Microcon 17 March 1-2, 1997 Christopher Priest, Leigh Kennedy
Microcon 18 February 28-March 1, 1998 Brian Stableford
Microcon 19 March 6-7, 1999 Dave Langford
Microcon 20 March 4-5, 2000 Nick Redfern
Microcon 21 March 3-4, 2001 Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Microcon 22 March 2-3, 2002 Gwyneth Jones
Microcon 23 March 1-2, 2003 Jasper Fforde
Microcon 24 March 6-7, 2004 Geoff Ryman
Microcon 25 March 5-6, 2005 Keith Brooke, Richard Freeman, Mags Halliday, Paul Hinder, Ben Jeapes, Mark Leyland, James Lovegrove, Fay Sampson, Nick Walters, Beth Webb, Lee Wood
Microcon 26 March 4-5, 2006 Fay Sampson, Nick Walters, Christina Lake, Richard Freeman, Joanne Hall, Mark Leyland, Paul Cornell, Jasper Fforde
Microcon 27 March 3-4, 2007 Jasper Fforde, Richard Freeman, Colin Harvey, Joanne Hall, Mark Leyland, Fay Sampson, Nick Walters
Microcon 28 March 1-2, 2008 Pat Cadigan, Richard Freeman, Steve Green, Joanne Hall, Colin Harvey, Michelle Parslow, Nick Walters
Microcon 29 February 21-22, 2009 Doug Bell, Val Cornish, Richard Freeman, Steve Green, Christina Lake, Mark Leyland, Fay Sampson, Nick Walters
Microcon 30 March 6-7, 2010 Richard Freeman, Steve Green, Ben Jeapes, Joel Lane, Nick Walters
Microcon 2011 March 5-6, 2011 Mark Clapham, Richard Freeman, Joanne Hall, Colin Harvey, Beth Webb, Nick Walters
Microcon 2012 February 25-26, 2012 Jasper Fforde, Richard Freeman, Steve Green, David A. Hardy, Phillip Reeve, Nick Walters, Anneke Wills
Microcon 2013 February 23-24, 2013 Theresa Derwin, Richard Freeman, Steve Green, Cheryl Morgan, Emma Newman, Kari Sperring, Nick Walters
Microcon 2014 Late February or early March, 2014 cancelled
Microcon 2015 February 7-8, 2015 Theresa Derwin, Richard Freeman, Steve Green, Joanne Hall, Nick Walters

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