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Kari is a British fan who was a member of CUSFS, and attended her first mainstream convention in 1979. She began volunteering almost as soon as she arrived, starting out in the Dealers' Room before moving into Green Room. She has either run or worked in Green Room for three Worldcons and at least twenty Eastercons. She's still often to be found there, unless she's busy running the Programme, which she also enthusiastically takes part in.

She began conrunning in 1990. She was a founder committee member of Octocon and was involved in running the first two. She was on the committee for Eastercons EightSquaredCon and Follycon and served on the committee of several New Hall conventions, some of which were Unicons.

She was a member of The Women's Periodical APA, is a professional historian, and is the author of two fantasy novels.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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