Captain Future Meets Gilbert and Sullivan

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Full title: Captain Future Meets Gilbert and Sullivan, Or, Alas Who Loves a Spaceman?

A fannish musical written by Steve Schultheis and Virginia Schultheis. It was presented at Westercon XX in 1967 and five years later Boskone 9.

Part Cast at Westercon Cast at Boskone
Captain Future, aka Curtis Newton John Trimble
Otho, an android Ron Ellik
Simon Wright, a disembodied brain Himself
Grag, a robot
Ezra Gurney, Marshal of the Patrol Steve Schultheis
Joan Randall, fiancee of Capt. Future Virginia Schultheis
The Master of the Universe Bruce Pelz

The part of Ezra Gurney was written for Edmond Hamilton and the part of the Master of the Universe for Isaac Asimov.

Captain Future Meets Gilbert and Sullivan online at

Show 1967
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