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(June 2, 1921 – January 11, 2003)

Mildred Virginia Kidd (later Emden, then Blish) was an agent, anthologist, and writer. Kidd discovered science fiction at age 9, and became an actifan. Among the many fans with whom she corresponded was Robert W. Lowndes, and she became "engaged" to him at age 16 (by correspondence).

She was a member of the Futurians of New York, the Baltimore SFL, and of Vanguard. She was one of the Futurians who (according to the X Document) were slated to be purged.

She was a member of VAPA, publishing Discrete and Heeling Error under the name Virginia K. Emden (after she married Jack B. Emden). Later, she married critic James Blish.

Kidd published several short stories and poems, including "Flowering Season" in Damon Knight's anthology Orbit 1 (1966), and "On the Wall of the Lodge" (1962) in collaboration with James Blish, to whom she was married from 1947 to 1963.

Her anthologies included Saving Worlds (1973, with Roger Elwood), Millennial Women (1978), and two co-edited with Ursula K. Le Guin, Edges and Interfaces (both 1980). Kidd was best known, beginning in the 1960s, as an agent.

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction noted that she become known for her feminist views and for representing a highly capable range of feminist authors; at one time the SFWA Directory listed over two dozen members as current clients of the Virginia Kidd Agency, Inc.

She was a member of First Fandom both historically and in the club. She resided in Milford, PA.

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