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British con-running fan. Co-chair of Concentric, the ill-fated 2020 Eastercon, and chair of the controversial 2021 ConFusion. She also chaired the Persistence 2023 Eastercon bid.

Before that, she was a Co-Head of Promotion Division at Dublin 2019;[1] on the concom of 2017 Innominate (for Facilities)[2] as well as head of Member Services Division at Worldcon 75; Access Staff at Mancunicon 2016;[3]; worked in access, as a quartermaster and for Events Tech at Loncon 3; and Marketing Admin for MidAmeriCon II.

  2. PR 1, page 2.
  3. Eastercon 2016 Program Book page 29. Dublin misreported this in Fannish Inquisition form as being actually on Committee.

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