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Eastercon 2021
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(Did you mean a different Confusion?)

Eastercon 72, ConFusion, was to be held in the Birmingham NEC Metropole from April 2–5, 2021, but instead was held online due to Covid-19. GoHs: Dan Abnett, Nik Vincent, Dave Lally. Chaired by Vanessa May.

It charged £50, a high price for a virtual con, for membership. Among other things, its Code of Conduct prohibited “use of bad language” and “disorderly behaviour of any sort.” The event was criticised in advance and afterward for poor communication and not addressing accessibility issues, particularly with Gathertown, the main online platform, not used in fandom before.

The lashup of solutions had many technical problems, and staff members inventing ad-hoc solutions did not feel they had the support of the senior committee members.

2022 Site Selection[edit]

Reclamation was voted in as the 2022 Eastercon with no dissent, though it took some time afterward to sort out all its details.

2023 Site Selection[edit]

ConFusion prohibited members speaking during site selection (a departure from normal practice) so Alison Scott invented a pseudo-bid to give a platform for her concerns about the Persistence 2023 bid proposed by Vanessa May, urging people to hold over the decision. The final vote was: Hold over: 69%; Persistence 2023: 16%; Alison Scott please: 10%; Abstain: 4%. Consequently, the site of the 2023 Eastercon was decided at Reclamation. (See Friends of Eastercon post.)

Convention Reports[edit]

Concentric Eastercon Reclamation
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